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Dry - type transformers

New mainland high-capacity high-frequency high-voltage transformer completely independent research and development, after years of continuous innovation and development in large-capacity high-frequency high-pressure field to achieve a major breakthrough, access to a number of patented technology. The current performance is stable and reliable, technology and technology is mature, with excellent protection and stability, to meet the different users, different occasions, the special requirements of the use of conditions.

  New Continental transformer has a capacity of 0.2 ~ 2000kVA, the frequency from 3000Hz ~ 100kHz design and production capacity. High-power low-power core, low power consumption, high insulation grade insulation material, has a good high-frequency performance and very low loss of heat, low impedance, high output efficiency; with accurate turns ratio, Copper loss and iron loss distribution design. In actual use, the new Continental transformer has the following advantages:

1, loss of heat small, high-capacity low-power core in the high-frequency conditions, loss of more than 60% loss of silicon steel;

2, low impedance, high output efficiency, the percentage of impedance is much better than the national standard, very low impedance to ensure that the voltage in the case of heavy voltage to ensure the stability of the voltage value; and the output efficiency is extremely high;

3, good insulation properties, the use of high-grade insulation materials, and through optimization to strengthen the design to ensure that the coil will not breakdown within the damage;

4, less harmonic components;

5, the waveform distortion is small.


This product is a high-frequency high-voltage transformer field, for the need for a variety of high-frequency high-voltage power supply occasions, can be widely used in high-frequency power boost, power equipment test overhaul, medical equipment, electrostatic dust, high frequency induction heating, Scientific research and other fields.


New mainland high-frequency high-voltage transformer capacity of 0.2 ~ 2000kVA, frequency from 3000Hz ~ 100kHz, the output voltage can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the set, and according to the actual project site to take the best form of the structure, and can be based on customer requirements Design, to meet customer use.